Preservation Hall Band performing

Thanks to the generous support of the Pincus Family Foundation and donors around the world, the Preservation Hall Foundation launched Preservation Hall Lessons in 2021 as a completely free online music education resource for K-12 teachers nationwide.

The Preservation Hall Foundation works to protect, preserve and perpetuate New Orleans musical traditions – through music education, archival preservation, and support programs for elder musicians and culture bearers. 

Based in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter at the historic jazz venue Preservation Hall, the Foundation fosters an environment in which the sacred musical and cultural customs of New Orleans can thrive – and be faithfully passed on to the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who is Preservation Hall Lessons designed for?

Preservation Hall Lessons is designed for all K-12 teachers or educational professionals that want to foster the culture and history of New Orleans music genres. The lessons can be integrated into general content areas like Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science, or beginning to advanced Music Education studies.    

How are the Preservation Hall lessons different from other music education or music integration lessons?

Our lessons were designed with the support of Preservation Hall musicians. Our musicians not only bring subject matter expertise but foster the history and culture of New Orleans music traditions. Each lesson is built with the intent to immerse students in New Orleans culture, and create enriched learning through the arts.   

How do I know which lessons are right for me?

Explore our “Lessons” page. You can filter the lessons by grade level, subject, topic, and discipline to find the right fit for your teaching goals.   

What if I want to integrate parts of the lesson in my own way?

Each lesson is equipped with Google Slides and Google Docs you can make copies of, add to, and integrate into your lesson plans. Feel free to remix the lesson and share your experience with us on our Instagram and Pinterest @preshallfoundation.  

Why should I integrate New Orleans history and culture into my lessons?

New Orleans is the historical cradle and the vibrant living tradition of American music. Preservation Hall presents these lesson plans and resources for teachers around the country to approach music and other disciplines from a New Orleans perspective.  

What is the historical significance of Preservation Hall?

As the first integrated music venue in New Orleans during the Jim Crow era, Preservation Hall was formally established in June of 1961 as a traditional jazz venue intended to protect, preserve and perpetuate the musical and cultural traditions of New Orleans.   

Will you be adding lessons to Preservation Hall Lessons?

Yes, Preservation Hall Lessons is growing! Expect new lesson plans to be regularly added to the site.  

How do I save the Google Docs and Slides to my own Google Drive?

To save the Google templates for your own customization, simply select “File” in the left corner of the document, then select “Make a Copy.” A copy of the document will be added to your Drive where you can make modifications to student resources, plans, or presentations to meet a variety of learning needs.   

How can I share my student artifacts?

Please feel free to send any artifacts, feedback, or suggestions to, tweet us at @preshallfound and @PresHall, or tag us in your Instagram posts at @preshallfoundation  

Who do I contact if I discover a broken URL? 

Email any questions, concerns, or issues to and a member of the Preservation Hall Foundation team will reply.  

What standards does Preservation Hall Lessons use?

Our standards are aligned with the National Core Arts Standards and the Common Core State Standards  

How can I share media resources with students?

We recommend sharing media with students using one of these three options:
  1. Media Tab: Share the lesson plan URL with students and have them select the “Media” tab. The “Media” tab includes related audio, video, or animations related to the lesson. 
  2. Google Slide: All lessons have a Google Slide presentation containing media content. Display the Google Slide as a whole group presentation or share the Google Slide URL with students to view on their devices.
  3. Educational Platforms: Add the media URLs to a safe educational platform like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or a protected media sharing site like