Preservation Hall Lessons aims to engage learners in music arts to protect, preserve and perpetuate New Orleans music and culture.

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I was fortunate enough to be born in New Orleans and come from the source. This is the source, New Orleans. Everything comes after that. We were lucky enough to nurse this music here in this city with the old musicians… I didn’t know they were making history. 

– Charlie Gabriel

To foster a community of dedicated students directed by inspired teachers through the collective wisdom of master practitioners.

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It’s amazing how much you can watch and learn from listening… Traditional Jazz is alive. I always try to play the music with respect, finesse and integrity to engage the audience so they can feel like a part of it.  

– Leroy Jones

To lead to intergenerational learning experiences through immersive teaching practices resulting in academic achievement and social-emotional growth.

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I remember the first night I heard George Lewis play. His tone was like molten silver, so rich…The amazing thing about these musicians is how they play together. It’s a conversation. Collectively it’s bigger than the sum of its parts.  

– Tom Sancton 

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My approach is to try to sing through this horn. My horn is nothing but an extension of my voice. Jazz gives you the freedom to be yourself…If you want to learn the music that is indigenous to New Orleans, get around the musicians that play this music. That’s the best way to learn it.

– Maynard Chatters

PH Lessons will take students on a musical journey of technical, physical, and personal growth.

Music Education Growth

  • Understand traditional New Orleans music.
  • Perform traditional New Orleans music.
  • Analyze and discuss traditional New Orleans music.
  • Connect historically, socially, and culturally to traditional New Orleans music.
  • Self-reflect through traditional New Orleans music.

Social-Emotional Growth

  • Encourage music creativity, exploration, and goal setting.
  • Explore music through improvisation, self-assessment, inquiry, and collective collaboration.
  • Be mindful of their body and mind while listening, observing, practicing, or performing music.
  • Use music as a tool to bring communities together for social change.

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